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Why should I switch to solar technology

Sep 23, 2015 Dynamic Featured Image Shanza Ali Shah

You might have heard about solar power technology, and you may wonder, why should I shift to solar power? How is solar technology beneficial? Why solar trend is on rise and rapidly becoming popular? Is solar green? How can solar panels make my life easy? How can I reduce my expense by going solar? What would I get after investing in solar panels? You may also like to know about non-renewable sources scarcity. That means, non-renewable sources are going to end soon.

You will now get answer to all your questions and would also come to know about its advantages after reading this article.

Reduce your bills

Yes, we are talking about your energy bills. Now you can reduce your expense by cutting-off your utility bills. Paying electricity bills is the worst experience. You can pay your bill on half rate by going solar.

Your energy bill depends upon oil prices. You may have to pay the bill that could be of double rate of what you are paying now. Solar energy is never going to end. We are blessed with an abundant source of it. It depends upon sun and sun has billion years to live.

It does not contain moving parts, so maintenance and operational expenses are not the fatigue. Moreover, it gives you a zero electricity bill. After installment, your bills will never raise your blood pressure.

Solar technology- innovations and improvements with research

In this scientific era, almost everyone and everything is being improved. Weather its solar technology or anything, scientists are concentrating in introducing more reliable solar panels that require less expense and are more trustworthy. These solar panels are a foretaste of what can scientists do with little efforts. They are going to create such monster technologies that are going to stay longer, are user-friendly like easy to install and are more reliable. Today’s panels is not, what scientist’s aim. We are to go far beyond imagination to see what we humans can do.

Researchers and experts have designed panels in a way that they get to absorb more light, giving a long time back-up and meeting more energy demands. They would be cheaper.

Solar technology is clean

Solar technology is basically a renewable energy and it is a form of clean energy. It does not pollute the environment. They have no harmful impact on environment. Oil gases and fossil fuels not at all nature friendly. They emit dangerous radiations. Nuclear plants are never safe for the environment. They are a kind of non-renewable resources. Solar arrays are nature friendly.

The process of producing electricity is so simple in solar arrays, they only absorb energy and convert it into solar energy. This simple process does not involve any complexity and risk.

Unbreakable power supply that ends into infinity

“The sun produces 3.8x 1026 watts of light energy per second”

A single star produces this much light that it is enough to warm nearby planets for billions of years. If a common star can produce this much energy, then imagine the king of stars would generate how much energy. So sun generates enough energy to meet electricity demands of entire world, only if harnessed properly.

Solar panels have the ability to absorb sunlight, but they could only absorb 10% of sun’s energy. The rest 90% is reflected back. If complete 100% sunlight that comes to the earth surface is harnessed properly, it will fulfill all energy demands of our planet.

Earning and saving

Many developed countries encourage their citizens by giving tax incentives. They also encourage those people who sale their solar energy production to others. The Government want to tell people that adapting a cleaner lifestyle is healthier.

Solar technology is a good and economical choice. It’s not that we want you to buy a hundred thousand dollar system, it’s just that, we are spreading awareness about clean energy and how can you make your planet green.

Going green by using solar technology

For sure, going solar is to go green.

  • It is an excellent alternative for fossil fuels and oil gases
  • It reduces carbon footprint
  • It does not release any dangerous gas