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Solar power - Interesting energy facts for kids


Solar power- Interesting energy facts for kids

Sep 14, 2015 Dynamic Featured Image Admin

Solar energy facts

Get unique information about solar power.  Here, you will get fascinating facts about solar power, solar panels and solar power plants. Moreover, you will get to know, how do we convert sunlight to solar energy from the sun? How do solar panels provide energy? Latest news about the world’s largest solar plant and the biggest solar power projects in the world and now in Pakistan.

We have composed a number of interesting facts about solar panel. This article is specially written for kids. Below you will find answers to all these questions and would also get to know general information on solar panels.

  1. We use sunlight to make solar energy
  2. Sun emits electromagnetic radiations generally called sunlight
  3. These waves (sunlight) are converted into solar energy with the help of solar cells
  4. Solar cells or photovoltaic cells (PV cells) are both same thing
  5. Many solar cells or PV cells are connected together to make a solar panel
  6. In old days, people used solar energy to cook food, dry their clothes and to remove salt from water (especially sea water).
  7. Now a days the use of solar energy is increased as the awareness about solar power is also increased.
  8. People now generate electricity by using this advance technology. People install solar panels to generate energy in their homes
  9. The use of fossil fuels such as coal and oil has now discouraged. People prefer to use solar power system to generate electricity
  10. The cost of solar power system is tending to decrease
  11. The use of solar power is now increasing spontaneously
  12. Only a small portion of our world depends upon the solar power
  13. If the sunlight of 60 minutes is harnessed properly, then it can meet energy requirements for a year of the entire world.
  14. Sun is an abundant source of energy. It can meet the energy demands of the entire world
  15. Solar cells can power up many gadgets
  16. Solar calculators are easily available in the market
  17. Mojave desert USA had the world’s largest solar power plant till now
  18. Bahawalpur, Pakistan is now going to have the world’s biggest solar power plant with the help of China
  19. It will produce energy to meet the demand of almost 30,000 houses
  20. Solar panels are also used to operate space crafts
  21. ISS International Space Station generates their power with the help of solar panels