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Solar power for entire world, Malaysia, Jordan, USA, Middle East, India, South Africa

Oct 05, 2015 Dynamic Featured Image Shanza Ali Shah

Malaysian airport going solar

Malaysia has wisely switched to solar. With the advancement in technology and solar world, the new solar panels are designed in a way that they could produce maximum solar energy. According to a report, solar panels now work 8 times more efficiently than they used to do. The technology is simple and sophisticated. It does not require much of maintenance as it does not contain any moving parts.

The electricity bills started touching the sky, so Malaysian thought of aiming sun. They aimed high and they did it. They needed to switch to solar to control their uncontrollable energy bills. With the help of professional solar engineers Malaysian were successful in launching a solar system airport. Kuala lumpur international airport is the first ever solar system airport in Malaysia.

Solar panel canopy in Kuala Lumpur International solar system airport

It is a big deal, to manage the entire airport on solar system, as the professionals had to utilize the space of parking for installing their solar panels. The only solution to accommodate the parking area for solar system is to use a solar panel canopy, it is a roof-mounted system. That is what, used by the solar experts. They covered the parking area using the solar panel canopy, and this idea helped out in providing enough energy to power the airport.

Solar system airport was considered a dream a decades ago. But, now science has made it true. The airport due to solar canopy has a large space for parking and shading. It is a perfect example of practical solar innovation.

Middle east- an oil centered region is also switching to solar energy

Oil and fossil fuels are a form of non-renewable energy. The oil’s birth place, Middle East has also understood the importance of solar energy and it is also switching to solar system. Middle East is planning to launch the biggest solar system. Being an oil-centric region, they are rich in oil, still they are planning to shift to solar technology. Solar is future for everybody, weather its Malaysia, middle east, south Africa, Jordan, California, Jordan, USA, Pakistan or India.

Jordan switching to energy solar system

Jordan is also working on a solar power plant of 24 megawatts MW. It will produce enough energy to meet their entire needs. NEPCO national electric power company will purchase solar energy from this power plant.

Saudi Arabia

Saudis are working on advanced silicon technology to establish the world’s biggest solar energy production. They aim to become the leaders of oil and solar supply. They are planning to make solar panels using silicon. As silicon is considered the safest metal and it is also non-polluted element.

In May, the Saudi oil minister announced,

We will be exporting gigawatts of solar power rather than exporting fossil Fuels. We are now entering into the world of solar energy.

South Africa

The population is growing rapidly. To meet our energy demand we should have an adequate and reliable source. Where can we get such a huge source? The answer is sun, yes if sunlight per minute is harnessed properly, it will meet all energy demands of the world for the rest of the time. Solar power is the only solution of non-ending energy demands.

With the passage of time and advancement in science, solar panels are becoming cheap as compared to fossil fuels and other non-neweable gases.

A plant of fossil fuels take minimum of 3 years, whereas a solar plant can easily be built in 6 months. Moreover, it is cheap and time saving with large energy production. Solar plants are more reliable, because they contain strong grids with simple technology and require less maintenance.

South Africa has planned to lighten 1,75,000 homes with 450 MW of solar power. The new solar projects have been started in Africa. Africa, America, Asia, Antarctica, Europe and Australia all continents enjoy solar power. It is a matter of a few years and everything will be turned into solar power.

Solar power is a good choice for residential, commercial, business and industrial purposes. It is time saving and cost-efficient. It helps in saving money and reducing expenses.


Back in July, 2015 in Delhi, Tata power Delhi distribution also signed a new solar project. Tata industries is one of the biggest industry in India and it is going to produce 180 megawatts of solar power. This is enough to generate energy requirement of Delhi. It will approximately power up to 30,000 homes.

When you work on large platform, you get to have a number of brands together, they work and collaborate together. This contribution gives rise to moral values like mutual harmony, compromising and sharing. India will be generating 100 gigawatts of solar power after a few years.