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Solar panels installation made easy

solar panels installation

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Solar panels installation made easy

A comprehensive guide to solar installation

The world is trending towards installing solar panels for both commercial and domestic purposes to meet the ever increasing energy demand and cut on their electricity bills. Most customers, however, wonder how to install solar panels once they have made their decision of getting one for their building. The roof of a building is usually the best place for installing solar panels given that it has all the structural specifications these panels require for efficient performance.  All you would need is appropriate tools and hardware for installation. If roof is not an option due to some reason, you should then consider shade awnings, ground mounted panels or ground poles.

Choosing us for solar installation and estimate

You must wonder why should you hire us or use our services for installing a panel at your desired place. Well because:

  1. Professional installers

We take pride in our expertise in this area and have professionals that can get your work done with maximum efficiency

  1. You don’t pay a penny

The calculation service we offer is FREE of any charges and we would not ask for any financial information to give you the right estimate.

  1. You are not bound

When you receive our expert evaluation about the pros and best installation practices custom designed for you, you are not bound to move forward if you are not satisfied.

Solar panels installation tips

Solar installation should be properly planned if you want to make a good value of your investment and ensure maximum efficiency throughout the year. You can find many resources for optimal installation practices like the one below that will guide on how do you install solar panels. Here is everything you need to know for best installation and effective performance.

Maximum sun exposure

The most important thing to remember while installing solar panels is that they perform at maximum capacity when exposed to direct sunlight. You should try to position your PV array in such a direction that it can get maximum sun rays on the surface.

Remove the obstructions if any

If you feel that a certain tree branch or so is creating an obstacle in the path of sunlight to your panel, then you should go ahead and remove it. In order to get the best out of solar installation you need to trace the path of the sunlight from the sky and identify if there is any object in the way casting a shadow over your unit and get rid of it.

Mounting your panel

A solar panel mount will help you install your photovoltaic panel. Mainly, there are three major types of these mounts: pole mounts, flush mounts and roof-ground mounts. If you are thinking how to install solar panels on an RV or even as a standalone unit you will need one of these mounts.

Water pumps installation

Even though wind turbines have been in use for wells, you can use a solar powered water pump as well. It is as much efficient and environment friendly and would be a great use of solar panels installation to serve your needs.

If you feel you are ready to switch to solar, you can get in touch with us and get your FREE ESTIMATE.