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Sep 04, 2015 Dynamic Featured Image Admin

How many solar panels would I need to meet my electricity requirements?

Are you looking for a solar panel to replace it with your electric connection? Are you paying too high for your energy bills and want to minimize the cost of these electricity bills? Does large amount (big part of your income) from your income go in utility bills and you want to save more from your income. Or your goal is to minimize the carbon footprint by selecting such a solution that would be more eco-friendly and economical? Or your mission could be maximizing your ROI i.e. return on investment.

Different people have different preferences,

Some want to save more

Others focus on ROI

Some are concerned about their home planet, the earth.

But everybody likes to reduce their energy bills.

What if you get a solar panel, all in one solution?

Yes, that’s exactly what you just heard. It is easy and affordable. With solar panel Pakistan, you could avail all these opportunities by paying less. We deal in providing high quality solar power systems in low prices.

Before jumping into detail, it is extremely important to know your energy consumption and your goals before moving further. Size of your solar panels depend upon your household energy consumption.

Key factors

Rather than above, some other factors also have a strong influence on deciding how big solar energy system would be required to meet all your electricity supply. These factors include:

  • Your rooftop
  • The amount of sunlight in your location
  • Climate of your area
  • Efficiency of Photovoltaic or PV cells

Site estimation before installing a solar panel

A professional solar expert would be able to answer all of the above questions. For installing a solar power system at your place, you would have to evaluate a site estimation. For this purpose, solar expert would ask you a set of simple questions.

After replying to all his queries and knowing all of the factors, you would be able to find out, how many solar panels you would require to meet your electricity requirements.

What is the estimated energy consumption of your house?

The simplest way to calculate your energy consumption is to look for your utility bills and find out the daily average. Just by looking at the bill it would not be easy to know the daily usage, but we could make it simpler for you.

  1. Place your past bill in front of you
  2. Grab a calculator
  3. Look for the box, showing your monthly usage
  4. Now insert the amount in the calculator
  5. Divide it with 30 days

The answer will be your daily electricity usage and it will be in kilowatt hours or kWh. If your mind asks you a question that how much power you used in some specific time, so what you could do is, multiply the answer with the hours when the time was being used.

What would be the average efficiency of my solar panels and what circumstances could affect their performance?

The efficiency of solar panels do not remain same at all times. Not all the solar panels operate alike and their efficiency differ due to different factors. Below are the factors that affect the efficiency of solar energy systems:

Weather or climatic conditions

These conditions can affect the productivity of your solar panels, and could result in reducing their efficiency.

Hardware related issues

They can also be responsible for reducing your system’s efficiency.

Solar experts suggest,

“To balance such unpredicted inadequacies, always add 20% space in your daily targeted average.”

Q. Does number of sunlight hours matter? How many sunlight hours should I count in my area and what should I expect?

Yes, it does. The efficiency of your solar power system is directly related to peak sunlight hours. Peak sunlight hours increase your energy production and the output would be maximum.

If you are living in an area or if your house is designed in a way that it gets enough sun exposure, then you are going to get maximum peak hours. It’s not that, a person living in a house that has less sun exposure is not going to enjoy solar efficiency. It’s just that, he would have to install more solar panels to meet his power related needs.

I’m looking for a residential solar energy system. To meet daily power production goals, how many solar panels should I install on my roof?

Every technology works differently. Depending upon the technology, equipment, maintenance and performance, Solar panel Pakistan has no comparison with other solar service providers. Generally a Photovoltaic solar panel has a wattage of 150-345. The wattage also depends upon the size of the solar cell. You could divide your daily energy consumption with hourly wattage of your solar panel and you would get the answer of your question. The solar expert will assist you in knowing how many panels would meet your home energy demand. He will do his site estimation and by seeing your roof’s position according to sun exposure.