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Solar Panel- an economical choice

Sep 09, 2015 Dynamic Featured Image Admin

Solar panel- an economical solution

How is solar panel economical?

This article will help you in telling how is solar panel going to be economical? Almost everybody’s concern is to save more. But the question is, how can somebody save more by going solar? Are we not supposed to use all appliances? Do we meet all our energy requirements? Another question that comes to every person is, I’m already using UPS batteries and it is meeting my requirements, would solar power system be beneficial for me as well?

How is solar panel going to reduce our expenses?

You will get answers to all of your questions, yes solar is really going to reduce your expenses and would certainly add to your savings. Let me explain how? When you install a solar panel at your home, office or building, your electricity bill or utility bill turns to zero. You do not have to pay your electricity bill. Solar power system is one-off investment, which means you would have to pay only when the solar power system would be installed at your place. Unlike other companies who charge a list of “hidden charges”, our solar expert will estimate a reasonable cost. He will do his site assessment and after looking at your roof architect he will evaluate a nominal price. After that, you do not have to pay other hidden charges.

Solar panel-an investment

According to Solar agency California, “A solar panel pays you back its money in first two years of installation”

Save 120000 rupees

Basically it’s an investment that you are going to do. It’s more like a business investment that is going cost efficient and is going to pay you back within two years of installation. It is probably a good idea for those who are saving money to gift their daughters a beautiful dowry set. For those also, who are saving money to purchase a new car, gold jewelry, house or vice versa. You could save the large amount of your income that you used to pay your utility bills. If your average utility bill was 10,000 rupees let’s say, now you can save that 10,000 rupees each month. Annually you would be able to save 120000(one lack and twenty thousand rupees)

No bills at all

When the solar power system would be activated at your place, you would not have to pay any solar bills. The energy would be generated on your rooftop and you would be enjoying free energy.