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what is solar energy used for

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What is solar energy used for?

Jan 05, 2016 Dynamic Featured Image dania shah

Solar power or solar energy both are a same thing. When we use the term solar energy it refers to the energy generated by the solar rays or the sun rays. The awareness among people about solar energy is getting popular day by day. Going green movement is playing a very vital role in telling people of utilizing the sun rays and using the environmental renewable source of energy. So you see, solar power is really beneficial and affordable. It has less disadvantages than advantages. Bringing something to your home for the very first time involves the initial cost and such like factors. Nevertheless, it is extremely beneficial in longer run.

Now answer to the question why is solar energy used for, is quite complicated. Because solar power is a very vast subject and it is hard to count the advantages without specifying the category. So we would have to determine first, whether we are counting the uses of solar power all over the world or it’s only about planning to install a solar panel in our home.

Going green

If we are talking about the usages, so yes, solar energy has countless usages in and out your house. It is renewable that means it is replenished or recycled. With the advancement in technology, the process of making solar power from sun rays has become more affordable. Not only this, but with the solar batteries one can now enjoy an unconstrained back up. No matter where you are, these batteries will never affect your output. We can now completely eradicate the usage of fossil gases (coal and harmful gases) by adapting the environmental friendly formula.

Heating your home, your pools and water with solar heating system

Solar heating system is something that will give you an ease and comfort throughout all winter. If you are a big fan of swimming and you just can enjoy swimming due to the cold weather, than solar heating system would definitely be the smartest choice for you. You would have to mount solar hot water heating panels on your rooftop to collect the maximum of sun’s heat. This sun’s heat would then dispersed into your pool. For a long back-up system, one must install a hot-water tank. This is an extremely cheap process to heat up your water storage. According to a recent research in USA, The US department of Energy, by installing a solar heating system, one can easily save up to 70-80 % on his heating bill.

Heating your home

Heating your home was never so easier. You can now heat your home with the latest solar heating technology. For heating your home, sun-heated tubes of water are mounted on the roof, they pump hot water in your heater via collector or a glass tube cylinder. These glass cylinders also work as room separators or room decor.

Not only these, but also other solar gadgets are becoming so popular these days. Solar inventions have made our lives easier. Solar calculator is a very cheap invention and is very commonly used among students.