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how is solar energy produced

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How is solar energy produced?

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Solar energy is a form of renewable energy and is easily produced using the solar rays and converting them into solar energy or electricity. This process starts with the silicon cells fixed in a solar photovoltaic panel which are responsible of converting the solar rays into renewable solar energy.

Process of generating electricity

Sun being the most powerful and the largest source of energy is very promising. We rely on sun, the power plant on the sky for all our energy demands. The solar energy has become much inexpensive in the last 30years. The PV or photovoltaic technology is used in converting the solar rays into solar energy. Electricity is generated through the solar technology in two ways. Either by the thermal or by the photovoltaic. The process of generating electricity is different in both cases.

Thermal solar energy

In this process, the light from sun is converted into heat. Then, this heat is allowed to go in the steam engine. The steam generator produces the power. This technology is very beneficial as it is used to heat buildings, water and to dry crops.

Whereas, solar power from the photovoltaics is very common. Majority of people are familiar with this PV technology, therefore it is used in homes and businesses. It is preferred because it is simple and easy process that gives you direct energy. Depending upon your need, you can install batteries to give you back up in cloudy days.

Process of generating electricity by converting solar rays into solar energy through solar panels

Solar panel is made up of solar cells that are wired to a circuit. The solar cells are made up of silicon that is not at all harmful in anyway. These panels are mounted in a way, so that they can absorb maximum of the sunlight. When the sun rays touch these solar cells, the electricity is produced. Solar modules or solar panels is made by an array of solar cells that are connected to each other. This array is also called a PV array. No single solar cell can produce enough electricity to meet the demands of a single house. Therefore, a PV array is installed in solar modules or solar panels. If you desire to have more electricity, you can add the number of solar panels.

how is solar energy produced
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Why PV technology

You may wonder why one should adapt this method when we have other methods of producing electricity. The answer is simple and interesting, because it is cheap in longer run, does not require maintenance, no harmful or greenhouse gases, no noise pollution, zero electricity bills, and one-time investment.

Roof mounted and ground mounted solar panels

Roof mounted solar panels are a kind of solar panels that are installed on roofs. Majority of engineers preferred to mount these panels on roofs to avail maximum of the solar rays. These panels do not require extra structure or building support therefore they are comparatively cheap. These panels only need to be placed in a way that they could get maximum of solar rays. The ground-mounted solar panels are installed in a case when the roof does not have enough space for the panel (The panel could be of large size) or does not suit your roof’s structure.