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Residential Solar Panel

Solar Panel for your home

According to a rationalized report 2014,

Every one in 3 minutes an individual switches to solar panel

Did you just realize that you have been living in the dark until now? You may not have switched to solar until yet because you thought it was for businesses and corporates only. Well, not really. Everyone should have the choice to shift to a better energy source that is cost-efficient and environment friendly.

Solar Panel Pakistan : Residential solar panel

Solar system Pakistan has been providing its unmatched services to its “Happy Home Owners” around the country. We have a highly professional team of experts that are the most capable and experienced in residential solar industry.

Installing a residential solar panel is going to save you a lot of trouble and money. Savings not only depend upon utility rates, but also include a list of factors related to your solar panels listed below:

  • Size of your system
  • Shading of your system
  • Tools and equipment used
  • Location

Solar Panel MSTCL formula

We are professional and our work speaks for itself. Our experts follow the formula of “MSTCL” i.e.

“Make Sure The Solar Checklist” . We claim to take responsibility of any damage to your property during installation and activation process. Not only this, but another handsome package of “Money-Back-Guarantee”.

Building a long term relations

Finding a reliable and professional name in Pakistan solar energy market is a challenging task and we are glad you have landed on the right place. From now onwards you are our prime concern. We believe that our relation with our customer starts as soon as he contacts us.


Calculating your savings with residential solar

We get your zip code and estimate the electricity cost.

Here is a fact about using solar for your electricity consumption; your savings also depend upon your electricity consumption that you will cut with renewable energy in the future,

The increased electricity bill today, will become your saving tomorrow”.

The roadmap to getting a residential solar

We are happy to make the process simpler for you in just “4 easy steps”

  1. Free-quote: It all starts from a free quote
  2. Customized designing: Then comes the designing phase as per your requirements and preferences
  1. Installation: We will for the best day for your home solar panel
  2. Activation: And here you go, last step is to enjoy solar power just by switching it on.