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Renewable energy VS Non-renewable energy

Sep 16, 2015 Dynamic Featured Image Admin

Non-renewable gases or fossil fuels include oil, coal and gas sources. They are considered dangerous and harmful for our environment. Because they release carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that are responsible for global warming. The consumption of non-renewable energy sources is increasing rapidly. Moreover, the world is left with less amount of stock of non-renewable sources as compared to renewable energy.

Renewable sources

Renewable sources are a form of clean energy. These resources are recycled and replenished to generate energy. They include wind, geothermal energy, biomass and solar energy.

We must look for renewable sources to generate electricity. Because non-renewable sources are dangerous for our environment and earth. Wind, Solar and geothermal energy are all forms of clean energy and renewable energy. These sources should be utilized for meeting the energy demand.

Adaption of renewable energy

Majority of countries are swiftly switching to solar energy but their entire consumption do not depend upon renewable energy. They would have to introduce new policies to meet their energy consumptions by going solar. We are not completely familiar with the potentials of solar energy. We need to research more to know, how we can reduce our expenses by going solar. How much saving can we made by installing a solar panel? How is renewable energy environmental friendly? How are fossil fuels affecting our environment? Is silicon safe for our planet because solar panels contain silicon? How is solar energy created? What is the role of sunlight in producing solar energy? How does solar cell work? How is a solar panel made? What are photovoltaic cells and how do they work in solar panels?

How can we meet our global requirements by adapting the renewable technologies? And such like these. Let us start with the simpler questions that come to almost everybody’s mind.

What is solar energy and how is it produced?

The energy that is generated by sun with the help of electromagnetic ways is called solar energy. These ways are emitted from the sun and are called sunlight. Sun is the largest source of energy. It generates energy that can meet all energy requirements of people living on the planet earth. Solar energy is recycled and is a form of renewable energy. For this very reason it is considered environment friendly.

Renewable sources are abundant, cheap, environment friendly and reliable

The sun has been generating energy for billions of years. If we utilize the solar energy properly we would never meet energy crises. Living in a country that is under serious energy crisis, we need to look for other resources or options that should be more abundant, cheap and reliable. Fortunately, renewable sources, i.e. solar, wind and geothermal energy are all

  • In abundant number
  • Comparatively cheap
  • Reliable
  • Environment friendly
  • They do not affect the ozone layer

Advantages of solar energy

Solar energy is used to

  1. Cool homes
  2. Heat homes
  3. Light homes
  4. Cool water
  5. Hot water
  6. Make solar products
  7. Advanced gadgets
  8. It is the pure and clean form of energy
  9. It does not pollute the environment
  10. It contains silicon that is not at all harmful or dangerous
  11. It is comparatively cheap
  12. It has a non-ending resource
  13. It is a renewable source of energy and is loved by global climate
  14. It does not require extra maintenance and it is a simple technology. No special care is required
  15. Anyone can install solar panels at home
  16. It does not add to global warming
  17. It can store energy for long and could work even if the weather is not much sunny

Solar energy is used to make drones and air crafts

They are also used in new technologies like, making drone missile, solar air craft, solar planes, solar ships and what not. Anything that uses electricity to work can be made by solar technology using solar energy.

Efficiency of solar energy

The function, efficiency or productivity mainly depends upon the weather conditions. If you are living in a location that is more shinny and has more number of peak hours than average, then you are really good to go. The more the sun shines, the more you get beneficial.

Life of sun

You do not have to bother about it as fortunately sun is not going to die soon. According to astrophysics, sun has not lived half of its life yet. For your information, sun has lived its 4.7 billion years life and has 6-7 billion more years to shine bright.

If you are interested in knowing more, then we have listed 40 facts on solar energy. They are really going to blow your mind.

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