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How do solar panels work?

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Everything you need to know about how do solar panels work

Jan 04, 2016 Dynamic Featured Image dania shah

Ever wonder how do solar panels work and convert the energy from the Sun into electric power used for household appliances and other purposes. Back in the old days people were amazed even to see calculators that did not need disposable batteries and were charged with sunlight. Now we see huge buildings powered by solar energy and vehicles that never run out of fuel as they absorb energy from the Sun.

Below you will find everything you need to know about how do solar panels work, and solve your curiosity about the structure and working of solar panels.

Silicon Chips

Each solar panel is made of photovoltaic cells that are actually silicon chips. These cells are bigger in size relative to those found in electronic devices like phones, computers and TVs. The large size is supposed to be for getting maximum sun exposure and storing enough sunlight for solar power.  Most of the PV cells are made up of polycrystalline silicon but it might vary.

The layers in solar cell

The PV cell works with a PN junction in order to generate power. The layer on the top is called N and is thin enough to let sunlight pass through it. Below the N layer the PN junction lies followed by the layer P. After the P layer there is a small piece of metal that’s important to be aware of if you want to learn how do solar panels work.

The role of Sunlight in how do solar panels work

At first, the sunlight will penetrate the N layer along with crystal structure, which would separate electrons from the sunlight modules. The positive charges pass down through the P layer to the metal at the base of the cell while the electrons are pushed up in the N layer.

Conversion of solar energy

The cells are connected through wires that run throughout and connect to the source. They either act as an inverter to convert DC to AC power or store the energy in the battery to be used later.

How do solar panels work and generate power?

The PV cells in the panel serve the purpose to absorb the energy from the sun rays that hit it, but they are up to 33% efficient. However, if you increase the amount of panels, you can easily generate more power. These panels are kept at a 14 degree angle so that they can capture most of the sunlight.

This article covers almost about every aspect of how do solar panels work and if you feel there is more, please feel free to comment or ask any questions about how do solar panels work.