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8 incredible solar inventions that will leave you mesmerized

Sep 11, 2015 Dynamic Featured Image Admin

There is a large inclination towards solar power and solar inventions that we observe in the global debate today. People have different definitions of solar energy because those belonging to the unscientific backgrounds do not know the entire scope of this new power source. Solar supporters even go as far to define it as a completely new ideology for changing the global perspective towards clean and safe energy generation. However, what we have to offer today will leave any ordinary or scientific person amazed because you may not have heard of one or more of these solar inventions and would want to jump off to your feet to order one right away.

Usually the information you find about solar panels and solar power is too technical so you cannot make any sense out of it. This one, however, is going to be different, catchy and worth sharing with your friends and family. You can bring it up in a discussion and engage those around you with super interesting knowledge about these innovative creations.

Incredible solar inventions to look forward to

From transit to buildings and even utility products, solar has a bright future, which shares a large impact on our lifestyles.

  1. The largest Solar-powered Boat

solar panel boat

This might come as a surprise to you but solar scientists have actually taken it to a whole new level by designing the world’s largest solar powered boat. This fantastic watercraft is named Tûranor and runs entirely on solar energy absorbed from the sunlight. The catamaran, including its additional parts exposes 537m2 area to the Sun. It is expected to make its first ever journey of travelling around the world using solar energy and could be an inspirations for future solar inventions to come.

  1. Solar Bags

solar panel bag

Travelling in remote areas is no longer going to be a problem thanks to solar backpacks. Wondering If I made this word up myself or if it exists in the actual dictionary? Well now it does.

Bags + Solar energy= Solar bags

These bags have the energy to charge cell phones, MP3 players and other electronic devices that you carry in backpack for your travel adventures. The bag contains a lithium battery that acts an environment friendly mobile power generator. With the increased hype about these bags, the creators are also looking to update it to charge laptop computers.

  1. Solar cell phones

solar panel mobile

You expected this one to be in the list already, dint you? Well in an age where we all live off our mobile phones, it is impossible to have a new set of solar inventions that does not relate to mobile technology. Mobile phone companies and telecommunication like Samsung, sharp, and ZTE are all working on creating this new invention to replace the trouble of finding sockets in public places and charging your phones. The Blue Earth Phone is an example, which is powered with an integrated solar battery.

  1. The Solar Plane

solar panel plane

After reading about the catamaran on top, you were already expecting to read about the solar impulse. If you haven’t heard of it yet, the solar impulse is the first long range aircraft that uses solar as an energy source. The incredible solar invention made its first international flight in 2011 from France to Belgium. It is the first ever plane that does not need fuel to run for both day and night with a number of passengers. Can’t wait to get your tickets now right? Wish it were up for public flights.

  1. The solar oven

solar panel oven

With the electricity shortage in summers in most of the urban and rural areas of Pakistan and Sui gas shortage in winters, how do you expect to cook and eat and do all your household tasks. This gets challenging for the homemakers and no one would understand their struggle if it wasn’t for the Solar guys. This innovation is great news for you because the solar oven can boil, steam, and cook food powered only on the energy absorbed from the light from Sun. This eases the trouble in remote and rural areas where people can use solar grills and solar barbeques.

  1. Solar mobile internet café

solar panel cafe

Kenya has something amazing to offer for internet lovers because most of its rural areas do not have an easy access to the web. The engineers have designed a mobile internet café that takes it power from the solar panels on top. The ZubaBox is created with a shipping container and can power 11 monitors and one computer exclusively on the energy from Sun. This is an ideal solution for computing solutions in remote areas or disaster struck areas.

  1. A Solar Bikini

You never saw this coming I am sure. This solar bikini is named iKini and powers electronic devices with a USB port like iPods and cameras. Andrew Schneider a Brooklyn based designer came up with this new collection in a limited edition in the summer 2011. Ladies can jump into water with these wear and swim but they have to make sure they dry themselves off before attaching it to the USB port. The collection for men’s swimming shorts is also anticipated that will have the ability to cool beers. This couldn’t be more fun right?

  1. The Solar Cinema

solar panel cinema

The last on our list is the smallest solar powered theater where you can watch movies under the mini theatre entirely powered by the sub. The cinema has the capacity to have eight adults that can comfortably sit and enjoy an eco-cinematic experience. Like other innovations on this list, this also relies exclusively on the energy from sun light and has solar panels that charge with lithium ion batteries. The funding of this Sol Cinema is done by a media organization called undercurrents and has a cool, retro effect inspired by the 70’s.

These are all the top solar inventions I thought worth mentioning in the post. If you have any questions or feel that, I missed anything important, please feel free to share your thoughts and ask your questions below.