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7 interesting ways to use solar power around the house

Oct 22, 2015 Dynamic Featured Image Dania Shah

The more you read about solar power and its advancement, the more you step into the world of awe and surprise. Geniuses today are surpassing every limit in the field of better energy consumption and renewable energy usage that you cannot help but drop your jaw. The best part about the progress in solar industry is that you get to save money and the planet both at the same time. Killing two birds with a stone eh?

People are eager to install solar panels at home but may not be able to afford a complete residential installation. In such a case, you can use these seven interesting ways to get the most out of solar energy in your home

  1. Solar Indoor lights

Solar Indoor lights
Photo from Gadgets Zone

We may not realize but the lights and bulbs that we use in our houses contribute a huge portion to our electricity bills. This is because most of these lights are switched on during most part of the day. What you can do is to replace the lights on your study desk, your dinner table, your kids play area and your sitting lounge with incredibly fancy solar indoor lights.

These lights will reduce your electricity bill as they create their own energy using the energy from the sun. They are environment friendly and it would be a good addition to your decoration items in the house because they are stylish and come in different designs. They work on the same principle as other solar products where they store energy during the day in their batteries and use solar power to light up the house at night.

  1. Solar outdoor lights

Solar outdoor lights
Photo from Apartment Therapy

Before you go ahead and invest in a complete solar installation for your entire place, it is better to start small and take baby steps. If these small milestones work well for you, you are more than welcome to go ahead and replace your electricity consumption with solar power. You can use outdoor lights on your landscapes and gardens that are powered by the energy from the sun. You can easily get them in different styles and shapes at a local or online store, whichever you prefer.

These lights contain solar cells on the top that consume the energy from the sun during the daytime and store it in the battery where it can be used at night for lightning up your outdoors. You can plan great weekends with your friends and family given the immense amount of light these products can produce. In the beginning, they had lesser light but with the latest technologies in solar industry, you can get an outdoor floodlight powered by the sun.

  1. Passive heating tubes

Passive heating tubes
Photo from Re-Nest

If you look at the photo above, these tubes are made of fiber glass and look like pillars but they are hollow from inside. You will fill them up with water and place them in an area where there is enough sun exposure. They absorb the energy from the sun and fill your room with heat in winters so that you can save immense consumption of electricity for heating purposes. This way you can use passive solar power to cut your heating bills in winter

Also, these glasses are a good addition to serve as a purpose of room dividers or attractive décor

  1. Solar chargers for mobile and electronic devices

Solar chargers for mobile and electronic devices
Photo from Textually

Often you are travelling and do not have any idea how to recharge your cellphone to make an important call, your laptop to check your mail or simply your mp3 player for killing time on your way. You might carry a charger with you but what would you do if there is no electricity connection. In such circumstances, it is best to have a solar power charger as a backup. You can buy these chargers in different shapes and cords to fit your devices.

These chargers have the ability to charge internal batteries like cellphones etc. as well as they charge A, AAA, DD batteries that you can charge externally and put in your device.

  1. Solar water heaters

Solar water heaters
Photo from Treehugger

With the winters approaching, everyone is now going to need more access to hot water for bathing and washing purposes. But wait a moment, don’t we all know the terrifying experience of no Sui gas plus no electricity and you have to rush to work? Instead of forcing yourself to go through this torture of freezing water in the mornings, you can simply make an effort to use solar power for heating water storage. You can use two types of solar methods, active and passive for water heaters.

They can be used in any climate and use storage tanks. The active tanks have circulating pumps and controls while the passive ones don’t. You will need a well-insulated tank for the storage that has two connections for outlet and inlet. The water will be heated before it has to enter the conventional heater. If you have a one tank heater, you will have the backup heater along with the storage tank.

  1. Pools and hot tubs

Pools and hot tubs
Photo from Urban Lime

The first thing that comes to your mind when jumping to a pool in winters is how cool the water will be? Will I actually freeze? Well you can now get a hot bath without having to heat the pool with electricity supply. You can use solar power to save the heating bills by cutting down all the units that cost you for heating an entire pool.

A wide range of skimmers are also available which you can use to clean your pools and spas. You can get a kit for once and continue using it forever. This is much better than paying sky high electricity bills.

  1. Solar ovens

Solar ovens
Photo from Phoenix Permaculture

You can harness solar power by saving the energy from the sun to cook food in specially designed ovens. These ovens work well when you have no access to electricity or Sui gas supply. In the beginning, they were only used for camping but when you are having a little or no supply to cook your food, you can simply get a solar oven that will get the energy from sun and charge itself. You can use them for cooking outside or even replace with the normal stove when you have low gas pressure in winters.

These ovens have a capacity to go to the temperature of 350 degrees and are very inexpensive. You can afford to have one of these easily if you simply replace it with the bill you have to pay for cooking via electricity. These ovens contain a special glass that reflects the sun heat in such a manner that it is magnified and gets enough for cooking.

Economical and environment friendly, what else do you need

Once you start using solar power in your house you will realize how economical and easy it is for you to switch to solar. You can then move to bigger steps once you are accustomed with the costs and see a significant reduction in your bills.