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10 interesting facts about renewable energy that will amaze you

Sep 10, 2015 Dynamic Featured Image Admin

Renewable Energy is our Future

Let us start with Renewable energy. What do you understand by the term renewable energy? How is it produced? What are the sources of clean energy? How much do you know about costs and benefits of clean energy? Did you ever think why are we not utilizing the renewable resources that our earth is offering? Are we not aware of the power of renewable energy and we are living in a dark? Yes, we do. Let us remove these blinds off our eyes and mind. After reading these facts you will come to know, how we are wasting the blessing of renewable energy.

Fact # 1

Renewable energy is basically clean energy. It is made by using the natural resources that exist in our nature.

Fact # 2

The most interesting fact is that a wind turbine can meet the energy requirements of almost 300 homes

Fact # 3

The super power America has the world’s largest biomass plant. It is providing electricity to 1.5 million home. USA has more than 200 plants of renewable energy source.

Fact #4

Another fact to raise your awareness, The world’s resource for fossil fuels is less than the resources of geothermal energy and biomass. These fossil fuels include coal, oil, gas and uranium.

Fact # 5

The renewable energy is cost efficient. A fact by The International Renewable Energy Agency, and I quote.

A policy is released that says the renewable energy is the most cost efficient type way that can produce energy for millions of people around the globe.

 Fact # 6

Coming to the forms of energy, namely solar, wind, hydro, geothermal and biofuel. They are the components of renewable energy. They are being replaced and replenished continuously.

Fact # 7

Another fact that will blow your mind, if a single hour of sunlight that falls on land is harnessed properly, then it could satisfy the whole energy demands of the world for a year.

Fact # 8

Hydropower, solar and wind all energy sources do not emit harmful gases. In short renewable energy is environment friendly and it does not release any greenhouse gas. Greenhouse gases are responsible for global warming

Fact# 9

Renewable energy is helpful in creating job opportunities. According to a national report of Clean Technica,
When you invest a dollar in clean energy it outdoes fossil fuels by a 4 to 1 margin.
If you invest one dollar in clean energy it creates 4 times more jobs than putting the same dollar in fossil fuels or oil and gas.

Fact # 10

In majority of countries fossil fuels is expensive than renewable energy. Renewable energy is cheaper because they have the ability to hitch the energy sources that are predominant in their locality.