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Eco-friendly solution to all your electricity problems is now at your doorstep at incredibly low prices.

As one of the leaders in Pakistan solar energy, we provide eco-friendly solutions to your energy crisis at your doorstep excelling in technology, performance, maintenance, manufacturing, and environmental record of accomplishment.

What is solar energy system?Solar power means converting the energy from sunrays into electricity either by using photovoltaic directly or by using lenses and tracking systems to focus the larger area of light into a smaller beam.

If you remember the good old days, the concept was common in small devices like calculators and PV systems that took energy from the never-ending source and would never run out of battery if you keep recharging them with a free source. This is where it hit the researchers because to avoid the concept of scarcity, they had to have a free source of power generation that was not scarce and enough to meet the power needs of the entire planet.

The need for converting and utilizing the energy from sunrays was recognized in early 80’s with the scarcity of natural resources used for fuel and power generation purposes.

Solar Power would be the largest source of electricity

According to a research by international energy agency, by 2050 solar would be the world’s largest source of electricity. This is why we take the initiative to bring you inexpensive, low carbon technology to extract renewable energy from the Sun.

Why solar power

A Best Guide ReviewYou might be wondering why should I use solar power when I have other means to cope up with my energy demands, well because you have to Save Earth and Save Money, here is how:

Save Earth

“No compromise on environmental standards”Solar panel is extremely clean and global climate loves it. It contains silicon and does not produce carbon dioxide or any other greenhouse gases. This is why, solar energy system is encouraged, widespread, and getting viral in Pakistan.

Jolene Marty, a famous researcher believes that silicon is safe. Studies have found no harmful effect of it.

“Solar Panel Pakistan, a best choice for you”

On the other hand, when it comes to the power plants they generate electricity, they are not only expensive but also, dangerous and harmful for the environment as per they produce carbon dioxide. Researchers believe that these power plants are affecting the global climate and are responsible for destroying the environment. Therefore, solar panels are the best choice for you.

Save money

Looking for a solar system because you are tired of replacing UPS batteries, investing on generators, facing the load shedding, or simply surviving an energy crisis With the costs of solar products dropping, and the awareness increasing everyone now realizes the power we can generate from sun and adopt the saving solar formula i.e. fixed cost is proportional to long term saving

Fixed cost ∝ long term saving

This way you will have to incur a larger fixed cost as an investment but it will save you from ever increasing running costs.

Generate than to consume by using Solar Panel

It is always good to generate than to consume because that is way you contribute to the environment and be a better and responsible dweller on the planet.

“The best solution for you is to-do-it-yourselfers”

Why us (Solar panel Pakistan)We are happy to help you. We love to assist and to support. Feel free to ask any question, we will definitely satisfy you by assuring

  • 100% guarantee
  • Competitive quality
  • Quick delivery
  • Warranty of all solar products
  • High-standard service
  • Eco-friendly
  • Excellent Performance
Welcome to Your Solar World- unleash the power of the Sun

You have now stepped into Solar world that is made for Pakistanis, made by Pakistanis and made in Pakistan. Your one and only trustworthy solar panel company that is focused on the vision of providing reliable and high-quality service.

We love recycling and believe in distributing the power of the sun to everybody for a bright future. We talk about us; you and we, together “US ALL”. Solar panel sincerely dedicates its services to Pakistan solar business

Solar Power - Key to our future

Utilizing the sun energy for domestic and commercial purpose is key to our future. Let us empower our land with the richness, purity, and glory of the sun.

Cheapest Solar Panel Prices in Pakistan

We challenge in offering best solar panel prices. All leading solar companies in Pakistan offer guarantees for years. Some are offering 10years guarantee, while others offer 20years but we offer you a Lifetime guarantee on every solar product. We are the only solar in Pakistan that are not only offering money-back guarantee for the rest of your life but also give you a reliable life-partner, that will assist and stand by you when no one else would dare. Our work will speak for itself.

We believe in commitment, commitment to quality, commitment to excellence.

Reducing your utility costsWe are aiming to cut down your electricity bills to zeros. All you have to do is,

  • Consult
  • Set your budget
  • Installation

Stand with our team and install your solar energy system in front of your eyes.

Solar cell for all The one and all solution for all domestic, commercial, and industrial needs is the solar power. It is the

“Best choice for investors, for our earth, for our present and future” .
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Our Services

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    Residential Solar Panel

    Are you sick of electricity shortage and want to fix your energy supply? Going solar is easy and calm. The procedure of installing solar power is very easy. Our qualified team members are happy to assist you by giving free consultancy. We have a huge source of In-home inventory, required tools, skilled staff, and time. Turn on the solar power system and start enjoying free electricity generated on your own rooftop.

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  • solar panel smal-commercial-1

    Educational Solar Panel

    Have you heard of solar panels and want to switch to solar energy system? Then it is right time to change your power source for your educational institutions. Solar panel Pakistan is the only company that provides economical packages for our future leaders.

    The purpose of these services is to convert solar energy into electricity to help you meet your power problems for your institutions.

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  • solar panel smal-industrial-1

    Commercial Solar Panel

    Does your business get affected by high rate of electricity and you want to get rid of it? Do you face loss in your business by unexpected electricity load-shedding? Then you must make a decision now.

    Solar energy system is your only solution. Highly proficient team members, quick and high quality service and supreme technology, when these three combine together, they create a super and unbeatable name “Solar Panel Pakistan”.

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  • solar panel smal-utilities-1

    Solar Panel and Solar Products

    We are the only solar providers in Pakistan that has a non-ending variety in solar products. This category does not only include solar calculators or solar lights that are very common in our country, but we have a big stock of solar products i.e. solar lamps, solar fancy lights, water proof solar chargers and other solar appliances.

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Q. What is solar panel and how does it work?

A solar panel is of two types.

  • Solar hot water panel
  • Solar photovoltaic modules or PV modules

Solar hot water panel is used for water heating. It has a thermal collector that is responsible for absorbing and converting solar energy into “renewable energy”. Solar PV modules generally consist of 6×10 solar cells. It produces electricity by converting the sunlight with the help of inverters. For more details, please consider visiting the link below:
Q. What is photovoltaic system and how does it work?
A photovoltaic system or PV refers to a power system that converts solar energy into electricity by using photovoltaic and solar panels. These solar panels after absorbing the sunlight convert it into electricity with the help of solar inverters. For more details, please consider visiting the link below:
Q. How can I contribute to clean the environment by using solar system?
Solar system is an eco-friendly solution to all electricity related problems. It does not produce any harmful gas like carbon dioxide that is emitted by other power plants. It releases greenhouse gases. Moreover, it uses crystalline silicon that is not harmful in anyway. .
Q. Is it possible to use all electric appliances using Solar System?
Yes, solar power is connected to the electric grid and you can use all electric appliances. .
Q. How can I calculate my energy consumption?
It’s easy. We have designed a “Saving estimator” to calculate your energy consumption and saving. It’s a matter of seconds. All you have to do is add your current electricity bill and will get to know how much you can save by going solar.
Q. How can help me shop for solar?
We deal in delivering best solar products and services. You can contact us if you need any kind of support. We will definitely create a possibility that will suit you and your budget..
Q. What would be the Price of a solar panel for an average house?
It varies and depends upon the PV panels. The average price of a solar panel for an average house is 25,000-45,000 rupees depending upon your energy consumption..
Q. Where do you provide your solar products and solar system in Pakistan?
We operate in entire country. No matter where you live our team will find you.
  • Karachi
  • Lahore
  • Faisalabad
  • Rawalpindi
  • Multan
  • Hyderabad
  • Gujranwala
  • Peshawar
  • Quetta
  • Islamabad
  • Sargodha
  • Sialkot
  • Bahawalpur
  • Sukkur
  • Jhang
  • Sheikhupura
  • Larkana
  • Gujrat
  • Mardan
  • Kasur
  • Rahim Yar Khan
  • Sahiwal
  • Okara
Q. What size of solar power system would I require to supply abundant energy?
Depending upon your needs and requirements, our installer would let you know the size of solar panel after estimating the cost, demand of energy consumption and space that would be required. He would take measurements of your rooftop and will evaluate the cost. .
Q. How much can I save on my utility bills by installing solar energy system on my roof?
Obviously, you will save on your utility bills. According to a recent research, $1000 annually can be saved on electricity. It all depends upon your consumption and appliances. The more efficient the appliances; the lower is your bill. .
Q. Do I need to call a professional installer for the maintenance of my solar panel?
Absolutely not. Solar system Pakistan is experienced in producing high quality solar panels that are made to stand extremely rough conditions. They do not require any specific maintenance like washing. However, you would have to clean dust once in a blue moon even though little amount of dust does not affect the efficiency of the solar cells, still dust and pollen in large amount decrease the efficiency of the solar panel by 20-30%. For more details, please consider visiting the link below:
Another major thing that should be kept in mind is) the panels should be placed in such a position that they should face the Sun, to get more of solar energy from the sun to meet more of your energy demands. They should not be place under any shade or shelter..
Q. Do I need to wash solar hot water system?
It is Ok, if you do not pay much attention to your solar hot water system, but if you want to wash your hot water solar system, you should use a brush, clean water and an eco-friendly cleaning agent like biodegradable soap. .
Q. Is it necessary to get a building permit for installing a solar power system in my home?
Whether it’s about installing a solar hot water system or a solar photovoltaic system, you would require a building permit for installation. You will also require electrical, building, and plumbing codes. Do not worry about the cost, as it would be included in the cost estimation..
Q. What is important to discuss with the solar professional?
Professionals know what to ask as they fetch the answers for necessary knowledge from you, so you do not have to worry, as it is their job to get the required data. They will help you in telling what size of the solar system you need to run all of your electric appliances..
Q. Who can help me in calculating the cost of a solar power system?
Although, very less documentation is found on this hence a few documents. Nobody could tell you the exact figure as it depends on various factors including consumption, size of the solar panel, fuel (for solar water heaters), and installation and activation charges.
The cost of the solar system is balanced in the very first year after installment because it cuts out your utility bills that you had to pay each month elsewise .
Q. How much time can I expect for the installation of solar power system at my place?
Consultation, installation, and activation are three easy steps that you are going to face. It might take a few weeks but after configuring all analytical estimations, installation would not take more than a day. .
Q. Is shading my PV system a good idea?
Absolutely not. The idea is pathetic as it reduces 70% of productivity. This way, you will intentionally decrease the efficiency of your PV panel. It is recommended to keep your photovoltaic panels out of shades for ideal results..
Q. Is the photovoltaic module able to consume 100% of solar energy?
Construction of photovoltaic modules extremely matter in this case. Photovoltaic modules are not able of converting all solar range, as it cannot produce electricity from a few frequencies of light for example: infrared or ultraviolet rays. For more details, please consider the link below:
Q. How would I know if my home is ideal for solar photovoltaic system or not?
Your focus should be your roof. Examine your home carefully, particularly your roof and see if it meets all standards listed below:
  • Adjusting your solar cells to south would aid in increasing their output. Try to adjust your PV panels to south to obtain maximum of the solar energy.
  •  If your roof is not more than 60-degrees, it would be a perfect angle to fix your solar system.
  • There should be little or no shading in the particular area as shading would affect the efficiency of your solar panels.
Q. What are the important things that I should consider at the time of installing solar energy system?
Your location and climate are two major things that should be considered while installing your solar power. Extreme weathers like snow falling and heavy winds could affect your solar plates. Your local solar designer would be helpful in guiding, as he is familiar with your climate conditions and would be able to suggest you a good solution. .
Q. How much space a solar photovoltaic panel covers?
Typically, a standard PV panel generates 10 watts. It would be helpful in estimating the solar size. As a solar professional would tell you the size that would be ideal, for meeting your energy consumption and he will install a PV module according to your demand..
Q. I want to expand my business. What are the options for planning?
If you have a growth plan in future, we will definitely provide you a number of options. Depending upon your required power and voltage, we would fix the inverter and surplus capacity and will add the photovoltaic modules later, when you will actually plan for expansion. You should share your expansion planning with your solar professional at the time of installation..
Q. What is the difference between ground-mounted and roof-mounted systems?
Roof-mounted systems are specially designed for residential and commercial needs (small business). A roof-mounted system for an average house has a capacity of almost 5-20kilowatts while for a commercial use it may have a capacity of 100kilowatts. Roof-mounted system is comparatively cheap and is not easily seen just by standing on the ground. Ideal for lower solar panel prices, A ground-mounted system is optimized and customized on your preferences. It is ideal for big businesses and industrial needs. For more details, please see the link below:
Q. What is the standard weight of a solar power system?
Solar in Pakistan offers solar power system weighing 1.45kg per square feet. It is an ideal weight as it does not put much pressure and it is best for roof-mounted PV modules. The load and capacity of a solar energy system would be determined at the time of installation..
Q. Is going solar a good idea for property renters?
Absolutely yes, you can install a solar power system to your home as it is a good idea and the owners won’t mind addition of new facilities..
Q. How much time should I expect that installation would take?
Installation varies for different sizes. Generally, hundred modules are installed in one week. The solar professional would do the site assessment and would let you know the size of the PV module that you require and the estimated time for your installment..
Q. Would my business operations be affected at the time of installation?
Most probably No, as the solar systems are roof-mounted or ground-mounted, that means they are likely to be installed on roof and ground. Moreover, we look for the best day for installment that suits you. We would definitely not interfere with your business because we always want to give you installation on a stress-free day..
Q. I want to know the maintenance procedures of solar panels and its cost.
The only maintenance that is required for a solar panel is cleaning the dust and pollen. No specific maintenance procedure is necessary, as the panel does not consist of any moving parts. This depends upon the area you live in, if the area is agriculture then, it is more likely to be affected by the dust and pollen so you need to clean your panel once in 2-3 months. If you are a dweller of a dried region or the season is dry then you would have to clean your module after 6 months or twice a year. If you are worried to clean your inverters, then inverters are also made of solid parts; no such maintenance is needed here as well. The hardware we manufacture is rust-proof..
Q. What is the special equipment needed for cleaning the PV modules?
You do not need any special equipment but a high-pressure water sprayer. Water would be sprayed with an extremely high-pressure..
Q. Which parts should I expect will damage first?
Inverters last for 20 years and inverters are the first thing that will fall apart..
Q. Is my system rust-free and should I not be worried about oxidization?
Good question, you must not be worried about oxidization and rust as we use rust-free hardware i.e. stainless steel and aluminum..
Q. How can I make sure that may PV system is getting enough sunrays?
PV modules are made in a way that they automatically get the sunrays. They are unlikely to be affected by the weather. It is very astonishing to know that these modules give maximum output in winter. The region we are living in is naturally on the equator that has the maximum exposure of sun, so getting enough sunrays should not be our concern as it’s a God gifted blessing to all Pakistani’s..
Q. Can I install the solar panel on my own?
Yes, if you are familiar with the hardware then you could install it yourself, but we prefer to suggest that you should ask a solar professional installer to help you in installing as the fear of complexities or injuries is always there. The professional installer is experienced, has enough knowledge, and holds an electrical equipment license. You might take double the time than him. Moreover, installation fee is included in the charges..
Q. We need to replace our roof. Can we go for installation now?
It is recommended that you should install the panel when you have replaced your roof..

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